Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer nights

While the big kids are at youth group Jojo and I try to have some fun with the 5 littles.

We are so blessed by all of the great places to explore and enjoy practically right in our own back yard.  We literally walked about a quarter of a mile to this park area.  The kids loved watching the swans and ducks... as well as the people!  The highlight was catching frogs.

Jojo even said it was better than walking to Oberweis for icecream... now that is saying something!

Summer is passing by way too quickly.  Some of our friends are back in school... most go back on Monday and we are putting it off and going to enjoy summer for two more weeks.  Seriously, the kids and I even considered doing school six days a week to have a really long nice summer next year... we will see how that plays out...

But truly, it flies by entirely too quickly!  So we are going to cherish the last two weeks of playing, swimming at the pool, going for walks, and just spending time together!

Is she yummy or what!  Seriously, this girl is pure JOY!

The boys enjoying the park on campus... Isaiah has earned the nick name Kamikaze this summer... He is wild at the pool, wild at the lake, wild in the house... just down right wild a lot of the time... But I think Jojo might give him a little competition jumping off the swings:)

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