Thursday, October 1, 2015

Would love your prayers...

I would love your prayers as I head in for  parathyroid surgery tomorrow morning.

I have a great surgeon that I trust so I am thankful for that.

We aren't sure yet how many glands are affected so it may or may not be out patient surgery, but we are trusting God knows exactly what it will be:)

Our hope and prayer is that this will solve my kidney stone issue and that I will stop forming new ones and that the existing ones that I have won't grow any more.  :) It does look like I will need to go in for some kidney stone blasting sometime this fall as well... and then Lord willing  I will be good to go:)

So prayers for a successful surgery and good recovery would be greatly appreciated:)  The shorter amount of time I need to be away from my favorite 26 preschoolers the better... :)

Thanks so much friends!


Tesha Papik said...

Yes praying!!!! I have not formed any new stones since I started apple cider vinegar daily... I was on bladder meds and had 3 surgeries for stones. Praying!!!

Jska said...

Praying it goes well and you have a speedy recovery and lots of support too.