Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hopie with some of her Godparents... such a treat to have the Dinkelman crew here for the night:)
I know... But this TOTALLY suits her... Hope has been getting lots of laughter and having loads of fun with her new dress up goodies:)

I couldn't resist... So precious!
 Getting in loads of loving on the little 5 before we leave in a tomorow...
My heart is torn in two... I will miss them all soooo much...  But I can't wait for my arms to be full of little ones who really need to see the love of a mommy firsthand...

So sweet!

We have one of our team members here for the night and off we go early in the morning tomorrow...

Here are a few prayer requests...

1.  Safety on the flights over and back.

2.  For peace for my heart... I do not enjoy flying one bit,  and am a nervous flyer... at this point my plan is to catch up on my Beth Moore Bible Study and to review my verses that I have memorized over the years... hoping that if I keep my mind focused on His word  I won't be able to be full of nerves:)

3.  Safety and protection for my family back at home.

4.  That all of our bags make it there... we each have a bag full of donations... from toothbrushes to toys... (Thank you to St. Peter Lutheran School, the ladies Bible Study, and our dentist's office.  What a gift and blessing it will be to pass along those gifts:)

5.  Strength and stamina for Greg and all the wonderful friends and family that have volunteered to help watch the 5 littles while we go and serve.  (The people here have been amazing in offering to help and we are soooo grateful!)

6.  That the Lord would use us to do great things for His glory while we are there in Uganda.

7.  That He would equip us for every opportunity we will face... to show His love, care and concern for the children there.  That they will come to know His love first hand.

8.  That the Lord would use us to be His hands and feet to the orphans of Uganda and the street boys.

9.  That the Lord would bring MANY youth to the youth conference we will be hosting.  And that they would be hungry for a love that never fails them.   (this is a first for a GO TEAM... they usually do Pastor's conferences:)

8.  That we would be willing servants ready to serve each other, our Lord and the precious children in Uganda.

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Jska said...

Fly safely and have a wonderful time! Praying for it all and for your hearts to be alive with Jesus so it overflows into the lives of the little ones you'll be serving. Enjoy every moment!