Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a little bit of crazy

My sweet friend Katie and I at our Meals for Missions fundraiser

2 guilty little buggers:) who got into the markers:)  Still so irresistible!

What a whirlwind the last week has been...

We were blessed by the visit of my sweet friend Katie from Tulsa last week... We had all been looking forward to having her come... the kids were over the top excited to have her arrive... It went far too quickly the time while she was here... Come back katie!

Last Saturday we had our meals for missions fundraiser at church for our Uganda trip. I secretly was hoping for 50 people to attend...  We had 75 or so... It was crazy busy, lots of fun and a WHOLE LOT of hard work!  Over 800  meals were made.  I think we also made about 30 meals to give away...Some went to a woman who was newly widowed, others to a young mom dealing with cancer, and the rest to a new mom at home with a brand new baby.  We are so excited that it was a success, but even more excited that it can hopefully be a blessing to those that attended and those that will be receiving meals from our mission trip team.  To God be the glory for blessing our fundraising day!

Team t-shirts have been ordered... If you are from the tulsa area... Storehouse printing is the place to go for great t-shirts.  They printed our Love Moore shirts for Lou's fundraiser for victims of the Moore tornado last year... and they were far more affordable so we used them this go around too... even with shipping, it was a better deal.  And I love supporting a great Christian business... They do excellent work!

We even had a last minute visit from Levi's biological mom and husband yesterday.  I love that we now live so much closer and that those kinds of visits can happen more often... 

So this weeks focus... SCHOOL... (after the kids return tomorrow from a very last minute trip to Grandma and Grandpa's yesterday) then preparing our hearts and minds for celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus!  

Then less than a week till we get to boldly and lovingly share the HOPE of that baby born in manger with the orphans and street boys in Uganda.  I am excited that for this week we can focus on Jesus and THEN focus on the trip.  Malaria meds start tomorrow for us...  This go around I am so struck by the fact that I will be leaving those kids again... My prayer is that the message of their ever present, ever loving Savior is clearly shared.  We will come to them, love on them, and then have to leave them (I don't even want to think about that part... :( :(  ouch, my heart! )  ... but I want them to know the ONE who will never leave them...  Jesus... who would have died for just one of those orphans or just one of the street boys... or for just you!  Please pray for loads of opportunities to share that message with them...

Much love friends!


Tesha Papik said...

Sounds like wonderful busyness going on around your home as well. SO excited for you, for your trip!! Have a blessed week my friend, Oh Love the pictures of your mischievous baby boys:)

Jska said...

What a busy time. But wonderful too, love that you had so many people at the fundraiser! Praying for you as you prepare to travel and very much looking to hear about how the children are getting on there. Praying for many opportunities to share Jesus
Have a wonderful Christmas. A very Happy Christmas to you all from England x

Katie McCrackin said...

SO SO glad I got to come visit and help a tid bit with the fundraiser!!! :) I miss you all so much already.... and I'm soooooooooooooo excited its almost Uganda time!!! AH I can't wait for updates! LOVE YOU!! :)