Saturday, June 5, 2010


Jojo by the outdoor trains... he was loving it:)
Caleb and Josh

Annika and Anna

Ellie, the birthday girl and Jo:)

A busy Saturday it was. A neighbor of ours was part of the garden train tour in the city so we went over early and took a look. Jojo was completely enamored by the trains. It was pretty amazing all that they can do out in the yard... very impressive.

Then since the high was predicted to reach 100 degrees, yes you read that right, our sweet friends the Dinkelmans invited us over to hang out in their neighborhood pool... and that is what we did for hours. It was great. Our Jojo really took off today and actually was wanting to swim with out his life jacket. He did so much better than he has in the past. I wouldn't feel anywhere near confident to have him with out his jacket if I couldn't keep a REALLY close eye on him... but boy he is getting closer... he was so proud of himself...
I went a little crazy and planted some more squash... well really not more, like I said, what I thought was all squash is pumpkins... have any of you ever seen yellow pumpkins... some of them are starting out yellow. Weird. We also planted some eggplant and hot peppers. Atwoods had their plants 75% off, so they were a steal. We also picked up some pomegranate bushes to plant. We will see what happens with those. This family loves it at Christmas when the pomegranates are in season. We figured it was worth it for $2 a bush:)
Well, not too much else to update you on... I am looking forward to worship tomorrow and my Beth Moore bible study that starts this week. Yeah! She is amazing. I am hoping to maybe invite a neighbor gal to join me... we will see if that pans out. It will be another busy week, but I am determined to clean out the clutter for our garage sale in less than 2 weeks. Oh my, I don't even like to think about it, but it is needing to be done:) Praying you all have a very blessed Sunday :)

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Tonya said...

Looks like a fun weekend indeed! I so enjoyed talking to you Friday! I do wish we lived closer! Praying for you!