Thursday, September 18, 2008


Since we have returned from Texas at the very beginning of the month we have had one sickness after the other. It started off with colds, then moved to vomiting, next we had fevers and strep throat, and then Caleb broke out in this rash. Craziness. I think we saw a Dr. once in the 2 years we were in St Louis and that was for a cut we thought might need stitches. I am wondering if we are just getting used to the OK weather. Maybe we are getting all the illnesses out of the way before the little one arrives... that would be great! We took Caleb off the antibiotic for the Strep and he is looking better every day. Thank the Lord. Here's to hoping we are all on the mend. We are thanking God for His healing touch.


pastor's girl said...

Oh, Caleb!! I hope you'll feel better by the party next week!!


The Rays said...

Was his antibiotic penicillin-based? We learned that Hannah has a penicillin allergy after she got a similar rash. It's pretty serious - we have to be very careful what we give her now. Just wondering...