Thursday, August 21, 2008





What a great day we had. It was pretty much the typical home school day for us. This year though I am determined to just chill a bit on our starting time. With me being tired from this growing baby inside, and with the baby coming in the next couple of months I kind of figured the schedule we normally keep won't quite with stand it all:) So we are going with a more relaxed schedule, still getting all the schooling in, just taking a few more breaks that is all. Maybe we will have less adjustments when the baby comes.

So while Anna and Jo were napping the boys went to pick apples at the house next door that is for sale. They couldn't reach and had tried using sticks to bring the apples down, they were gonna take a ladder out, but ended up with literally working together. It was so cute and just warmed my heart to see them out there having so much fun together. And they were so proud of all of the huge apples they brought back. They are hoping to make applesauce. There are just far too many to just eat. Yummy!

When I went to check on JOJO during his nap, I got a good laugh. I could see his hand and then it looked like his rear. So it appeared that his head was buried all the way under the covers. Then I realized that really was his hand and he had his jammie shorts on his head. I couldn't believe he did that before he went to sleep and actually fell asleep that way. The kid is such a goofball. I snuck out to get the camera, and this was how I caught him when I came back to his room. We love our little rascal JO!


pastor's girl said...

Jo is soo cute! And that's so cool about the apples! Have fun eating them.
Hopefully we'll see you guys soon!


kitty said...

Your web page is beautiful. I love the pictures of the family. The two poems brought back memories for me also. It's been so long ago, but Dennis still lives in my heart and mind. Blessings to all of you.
Love, Aunt Kitty