Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My dear sem girlfriends

Trying to stay cool in Oklahoma

I just wanted to post a bit about our last couple of days at the seminary. We headed back there with a truck packed with all of our Wisconsin stored things We pulled into St. Louis at around 4:00 on Thursday. We had all our friends coming the next morning at 8:00 to help us pack. Ahhh, there was lots of loose ends to tie and pack up. Early the next day we awoke to rain. Rain and LOTS of cardboard boxes don't mix very well. I immediately prayed for the rain to stop. My dear neighbor Margie fed the kids breakfast so they were out of the way. And her gem of a husband, Louis the master packer, was the engineer behind trying to get all of our stuff in the truck. We had loads of help, we were so grateful. The rain did stop, and they got all of the boxes and furniture out on the lawn. We had a strong feeling we were not going to get it all in. So I was setting aside things that could stay and be given away. Around noon I was calling to see if we could add a trailer to the moving truck. With the trailer we got it all in. I was amazed. I had lots of great lady friends who helped me clean the whole apartment. They did all of the hard and messiest jobs. They were awesome.

That night we headed out to the park for our last BBQ, which got rained out as we ate. It was pretty funny to see everyone scatter. I was disappointed because I really wanted to get a chance to visit with everyone. Little did I know my upstairs neighbor had planned a little baby shower for me. It was a total surprise. She called me upstairs and her hubby, Greg, and all the kids hung out in our empty apartment. All my dear friends came over and made lots of yummy chocolate food and they blessed me with lots of fun stuff for the little one. I think it actually hit me for real that we are having another sweet baby. I had been so busy and certainly hadn't been focusing on that. It was even more special to just spend time with all of these ladies who have been so important and such a support system over the last 2 years. I was crying before everyone even showed up just holding my sweet godson Asher thinking I wouldn't get to spend time with him or them like I had been normally. It had already been a long week of saying goodbye to family. I knew this wasn't going to be easy.

The next morning we finally got all our bedding and air mattresses out and were out front of our apartment. There we gathered with 30-40 of our dearest friends from sem. They had all come to say goodbye to us. They surrounded us and prayed for us before we left. I was a mess. That meant so much to me to have them pray us out of there. I had never imagined what a blessing our time at the seminary would be. I knew we were going there for Greg's education for ministry, but I never imagined how much the kids and I would love it, or how many special, wonderful friends we would be blessed with. It was a very special last 2 years for us. Now I am excited to continue to pray for all of them that will still be at the seminary or out on vicarage and to see where the Lord will place them in the future. They are very dear people!

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