Monday, June 16, 2008


We all were very excited today to get to see a close up view of the baby. The top picture was a 3-D and the bottom was a profile with the normal ultrasound scan. Wow, when we saw the top one we all thought it looked like my niece Hannah. She is 13 but for some reason this baby looks a bit like her. Jojo was disappointed when it was all over, he was thinking he would SEE the baby, he kept asking why the baby hadn't come out yet. He will have to be patient a while longer:) We were thanking God that everything looked good with the baby.

On Thursday I had gone to see a Catholic Dr. who is very pro-life, it was so refreshing to have the conversations about family and babies with a Dr. that is very openly a strong Christian. I laughed saying, that I was now considered advanced maternal age. He laughed saying that I was young and he seemed genuinely excited for us with this pregnancy.

Today was a different story. We were at the hospital so it was a different place with a different Dr. After the ultrasound tech came in she did the scan and said everything looked great, but that the Dr. would come in and talk to us. He came in and asked how old I would be when the baby arrived and then went on to give us the risks of having a down syndrome baby. That was all he said and then he did a scan. He didn't say a word for a few minutes just looking at the baby. Then he said it all looked fine so he would say that we have an even slightly lower risk but that we could still seek genetic counseling and an amniocentesis if we wanted. Boy did I feel old after that. And it seemed so sad to me. The Dr. just seemed to dwell on any negative possibilities. It just seemed to make more real the world's perspective on the value of human life. It was such a difference from the other Dr. I saw last week.

We are so thankful that the Lord has put this life inside of me, what a gift this child is, HOWEVER God made him/her. (The kids were begging to find out if it will be a boy or girl... Mom won out they will have to wait for October:) We don't at all take for granted God's miraculous creation in creating this human life. We all continue to pray for the Lord's protection over this little one and can't wait to get to meet him/her.

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