Tuesday, March 4, 2008







I have to say the Hintz house is kind of in a state of shock... Brett Favre announced his retirement from the Packers today. Sadness for all the Packers fans here. Oh well...

We are back from Wisconsin and back to blogging. We were blessed with a wonderful time away. We actually were iced in without power within 8 hours of getting there. We were fortunate to have such great traveling weather up there before the bad weather began. We were able to visit with friends from our home church when we went there for their Wednesday night dinner and programs. We had great fun with my parents and 3 brothers and their children. Family time is so precious to us. The weather was freezing, we got to experience true Wisconsin weather.

Thankfully after a month of not feeling well, I passed a kidney stone. No wonder I was feeling bad. Honestly people say it is worse than childbirth. Anyone who knows me, knows I think childbirth is awesome... but really passing the stone wasn't that bad. God was gracious to me! Immediately after I passed it I felt great!

From Wisconsin we headed to Indiana to visit relatives and see the Creation Museum. We were so fortunate to see my cousin Tom and his wife Debi and their miracle twins, Isaac and Megumi. Their life from conception has been one miracle after another. We have prayed for them for the past year and a half and to actually see God's answers and blessings face to face was so awesome. They are just beautiful and so precious. Tom and Debi and babies plan to head back to the mission field in Indonesia in a few short months.

We stayed at my cousin Carol's house. They are always such gracious hosts. The Creation Museum is just 1 1/2 hours from them. We were blessed with passes for our family. It was such a great place. We got to hear Ken Ham speak which was really neat. He is the CEO of Answers in Genesis. Wow, he is such a wealth of knowledge. The museum is top notch and great for people of all ages. The kids were excited to get their picture taken with Mr. Ham. It was so amazing to see a place completely dedicated to getting the gospel message of Jesus Christ out there to everyone. I would definitely recommend making a trip there if you are ever in the Ohio/Kentucky area. You would be blessed.

We are happy to be back in St. Louis and are ready to face our last quarter here at the seminary.

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