Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The Texas small group reunion

The south rim of the Grand Canyon

I am finally getting a chance to blog again. I wanted to get a picture up of our small group reunion in Arkansas. After we spent the weekend with those dear friends, we headed out towards the Grand Canyon. Along the way we stayed with friends and family. Once we arrived in Arizona we had the opportunity to camp for a bit. We had an absolute blast. It was such a treat to be able to get away from the seminary for a bit. It was even more of a treat to just spend time as a family. We really love it here, but with so many people living so close together sometimes family time is hard to come by, so we treasured just being together. It was incredibly hot during the day and we thankfully had good tent sleeping nights with cooler temperatures. (Speaking of temperatures it was forcasted to be 103 degrees here today in St. Louis, that is really hot for my Wisconsin blood.) The canyon was absolutely beautiful. We just kept saying as we looked out that it looked fake, like a back drop. The size and magnitude of that place is just amazing. We had a lot of fun doing some shorter hikes at the south and north rim of the canyon. We saw an amazing lighting storm come over the canyon. We were in a building right on the edge of the canyon and could just stay inside and watch it. It was really strange to actually see lightning striking below you in the canyon. We sat there for probably 40 minutes just watching. We watched a geology park ranger show there. It was great afterwards to be able to discuss the differences between how evolutionists believe the canyon was formed and how Christians do. The only disappointing thing was that there was evolution promoted everywhere there. We had a great book from Answers in Genesis about how the Grand Canyon was formed so we read some from that most days while we were there. We had a wonderful time. The kids did great with all of the driving. We saw 49 of the 50 states license plates along the way, everything but Rhode Island. The kids literally freaked when in one day we saw both Alaska and Hawaii. I will post more pictures of our trip in the future. We are thankful to be back at our home safe and sleeping in our own beds. Yeah! Staying cool here in the sprinklers in St. Louis :)

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