Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hot chocolate run 2015

An early morning RV trek downtown with the crew...

We were so grateful when my brother surprised us all, the night before the race, after dinner with coming down... YES, we rode in style (lol) down to the race!!! 

Actually it was awesome not to have to worry about parking... And surprisingly he didn't have to work too hard to find a parking spot for the RV in downtown chi town....

Right before the race... My sister Janie with 4 of her dAughters... Louis, Caleb, Anna, and myself... And two friends...

After the 9.3 miles!!!  We made it!  I was so thankful to have my older two boys to run it with me...(Anna ran the 5K with some of her cousins!) 

It was really fun and we got some yummy chocolate at the end... Plus an hour and a half of laughter!  

Thank you Lord for the beautiful weather you blessed us with!!

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