Sunday, July 27, 2014

Enjoying ARIZONA:)

We have arrived and the big wedding day is tomorrow:). We can't wait!!  We are thrilled for this young Christian couple!

I had two sort of secret joke desires for this trip... That we would see a javelina (wild Arizona pig:) and experience a haboob ( an Arizona dust storm:) 

The picture above is of the haboob that swept through yesterday:) The kids had a blast watching it come in from the from the roof of the Thompson house:) What a hilarious picture hey??

Sweet liberty came to hang out with the teens... So nice to see this delightful young lady and get a little special time with her before the wedding.

Even the littles are getting in on the fun action:) Seriously, they have been swimming, jumping on tramps, riding bikes, really get a workout in this heat:) they are having so much fun.

Can you believe the beauty we were able to witness on our way out here... It is so different from Illinois, but absolutely stunningly gorgeous in a new way... What an amazing creator we have:) 

Below... Our stop at the Cadillac Ranch:) what a fun, kind of quirky place:)

We are missing daddy, but having so much fun with friends:)

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