Monday, July 19, 2010




Hey friends... I have many reasons to rejoice today and I want you to be able to rejoice with us:)

First of all do you remember my precious friend blog friend... turned real life friend Tonya, (photo of her and Ebe above:) who we stayed with on our way home from Florida back in January?? Well, praise God, she and her hubby were blessed with their healthy little baby boy last Friday.... My heart is overflowing with gladness for them to be able to welcome him into their lives after losing their last son Grady just a couple of weeks after Samuel went to heaven... please feel free to visit Tonya's blog at to congratulate her and her family on their precious arrival of Matthew Grady. Please pray for baby Matthew as he was born early, and will need to stay in the NICU for a little while, and for his family as they wait excitedly for him to join them at home:) I am so thrilled for them:)

In the picture above both Tonya and Ebe were expecting and thank God both of their babies are here with them now safe and sound:)

Well, the next good news, I can hardly believe I get to share today... you remember sweet baby girl pictured above????
Well, today was a big hearing, we didn't have to actually be there... this was a hearing that was supposed to happen last March, but because of appeal to the Oklahoma Supreme Court was postponed to today. My prayer with the kids this morning was that ultimately God's will would be done, but that our desire would be for it to be in our favor and for the other interested party to not appeal AGAIN! The agency director as well as us thought an appeal was more than likely which would have postponed things another 3-4 mos... I truly was gearing my heart up for the fact that we may not really know something until November or December at the earliest.
The agency director called a little after noon and told me she had really good news for us. I was already choked up at just those words... She told me that the other interested party that had been dragging this whole thing out withdrew their petition for sweet baby girl... They just finally bowed out so to speak... It was signed by all the lawyers, the court appointed atty for sweet baby girl, and the judge. Of course as the agency director was telling me all of this, I was a total mess, could not even respond through my tears... so she just kept talking:) (We just love this director, she is amazing)I ...COULD... NOT ... BELIEVE... IT... This was far more... (above and beyond all we could have asked or imagined... for God to do what He did today...I love that verse:) He moved a serious mountain and in our opinion performed a miracle in what got done today. So pretty much we should not have any problems from here on out, and we should be able to finalize our adoption with her early in August.
We obviously will not count our chickens before they hatch so to speak... it will not be done till we sign on the dotted line and make her ours forever... but now that seems to be exactly what should and hopefully will happen in just a few short weeks.
We are over the top thrilled at God's goodness... I keep telling people that God is good and faithful regardless of if this would have gone the other way for us... he would have been faithful to sustain and carry us through the loss of sweet baby girl just like he has through the loss of Samuel, my miscarriage, or the other baby we hoped to adopt last summer... but we are completely PRAISING GOD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS IN BRINGING US THE DESIRE OF OUR HEART ON THIS ONE! It is refreshing to our hearts...
It was so funny, we were out for dinner celebrating, (that was a big treat for us) and Greg and I kept laughing because it was almost as if sweet baby girl knew what we were all so happy about...she was in rare... goofy... hamming it up form... full of the hootspa (by the way, the word hootspa is making a comeback:) It was so funny. She is just a delight to us all! Anna ran the whole side of our neighborhood telling the neighbors that she was going to really have a sister:)
Obviously, I will post a picture of her sweet face when it is all said and done... :) I can't wait! Thank you so much friends for your continued and faithful prayers for this situation over the last 7+ mos... we are so very grateful to you for that! Please pray we are glitch free from here on out:)
I know I have posted this verse numerous times... but truly today... it played out before our eyes....THANK YOU GOD!
We will keep you posted!


Molly said...

Oh friend! How I am rejoicing with you! Thank you so much for updating and putting on fb! I have been horrible up keeping up lately, but your family has constantly been on my heart and in my prayers. I could not be more thrilled and am praising our Saviour with you! How incredible to know that He knit this sweet baby girl together for you all along! I will continue to pray, cannot wait to see that sweet angel's face!!!

Stacy said...

Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you and your family and can't wait to meet your precious new daughter through your blog. God's timing is always perfect and He will continue to fit each and every piece together as He wills and desires. She will be in your arms before you know it. May He continue to hold fast your mommy's heart and make time seem as if it is but a vapor and she is with you.

Much praise in the faithfulness of Jesus!

Love in Christ,

carlotta said...

Oh Hintz Family! We are soooo happy for y'all...what an answer to prayer!!! Praying that everything will go smoothly with the adoption finalization!

We miss you all!


mom2many said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! That is exactly what I was praying for!!! Thank you, Jesus!! I was just going to email you to find out where things were, but now I don't have to! Oh, Sara, I am doing the white girl, with terribly sunburned legs, happy dance for you!! (It ain't pretty, but deserve it!!) I need to plan a time to come and see you. God is SO good ALL the time. How he has redeemed our sorrows with more good is that? I love that Selah song "Unredeemed" and play it often lately. What a story you have to tell! Love you, friend!

Blogzilla said...

I am thrilled for your family! PRAISE GOD FOR HIS GOODNESS!

Becky said...

You know we're rejoicing with you all! We celebrated with you last night and went out, we were all so excited.

And in just a few short weeks I'll be shouting "BRING ON THE PICTURES OF THAT SWEET PRINCESS!!" We can't wait to see her now as part of your forever family! Praise God!

And Sara, do you have Traci's info. from "Mom2Many" - I need to share a story with her from good friends we have here. A story of how her little Jacob planted an adoption seed in this family! God is so, so good!

Love you friend!

Kristin said...

Such wonderful, wonderful news!

By the way, that verse has been coming up in my life many times over the last couple of weeks...I love how God works! :)

blessedmomto8 said...

PLEASE email me with all of the details from your recent trip :) SOON! So glad about your other little sweet one being permanent soon-YIPPEE! I remember when we got the call that we "for sure" got to keep one of our little girls. She was almost one and the same thing-It was like SHE KNEW she was home for good-so happy that day! HUGS!

Samantha said...

Hintz family, Praise the Lord! We are so happy for you here in Wisconsin! Enjoy each moment as you bathe in the "the peace which passes ALL human understanding!" Rejoicing and giving much thanks to our Sovereign Father! Love you guys so much, The Cecil Clan

Tonya said...

OH SARA! I'm SOOOO excited for you and your family! I read my comments on my last post last night and just cried at your news. I told Gib I wanted to call you, but last night was a weepy, postpartum night and I was missing Matthew terribly. I was really in no shape to talk, but I was crying tears of joy for you over this wonderful news!!! I'm continuing to pray for you and rejoicing with you!

Love you!

Christa said...

Congratulations! What exciting news! :) I love that verse too!

Ebe said...

SARA! I meant to comment earlier, but I just had to come on here and express my immense joy over this news! Yay! Oh, I am so excited for you all. Precious baby girl... what a blessing.

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