Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We are back in St. Louis after a little family time away. Greg was done with the quarter of classes so we headed up to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. All of my siblings were in town so it was very special to be able to spend the holiday all together. There are 17 grand kids so far so it can get a little noisy. Anna was able to do a worship dance with 7 of her girl cousins at their church. She had really been looking forward to it and it was beautiful. One of the highlights was going to an indoor water park (courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa) with all of the aunts, cousins and Grandpa and Grandma. Louis and Caleb were so scared to go down the slides, but after I forced them to go once we couldn't get them off of it. Now of course the dare devils of the family, Anna and JOJO, didn't need any convincing to go down the slides. They loved it. It was hilarious and such a fun time. Greg and the boys were able to have some manly time with all of Sara's brothers and grandpa up at the hunting farm. All in all it was just such a fun time to spend time with extended families for which we are so thankful.

The time is passing by so quickly. I know I always say that, but I think because we know that our time here is so short in the big picture it seems to pass all the more quickly as we count down the time till we know where we will be headed to serve. I don't say that in the sense that we are truly counting down... We are really cherishing our time here. It is such a special place with so many special people and special experiences for our family. It has been such a blessing to us the time here at the seminary.

This Thanksgiving we are especially thankful for God's faithful provision for our family. He has provided for all of our needs. When we planned on coming here we knew He would take care of us, but we couldn't exactly imagine how that would play out. It absolutely amazes us. We thank Him for all of the family, friends and churches that have shared so generously with us. We thank Him for the food bank and re sell it shop on campus that really allows us to stretch the budget. We are so thankful for our health and the love of family and friends. Most of all we are so thankful for the gift of His Son... who rescues us, loves us, forgives us and redeems us. We are looking forward to celebrating His birth again in a few short weeks. We pray you are preparing your hearts and minds to celebrate the REAL REASON FOR THE SEASON, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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