Thursday, March 1, 2007

Family Life at the Sem:)

Well, we actually did it. We have been wanting to create a blog for oh...a year. The funny thing is our 10 year neighbor Carlotta is actually the one who helped me figure it out. I know it isn't that difficult but this girl finds computers a bit challenging at times. We hope to be able to post information so friends and family can be kept up to date on how life is going for us at the Seminary.

So how has it been going? It has been so much easier and better than we could have anticipated. (The adjustment to life here has been easier, certainly not the classes:)God has been so faithful to provide for us and take care of us. We are so blessed. His mercies are new every morning and we are so grateful. He has provided wonderful friends for the kids and such a loving community for our whole family. It has been a blast so far. We really just want to soak up our time here. Greg is done with 3 quarters of classes and he has 4 more to complete. The time is passing quickly. We really want to glean all we can from mentors here so we can go out prepared for the ministry God has planned for Greg and our family as a whole. It is an an adventure and such an exciting one to be on.

The picture above was taken in Houston last week as we were down visiting Greg's parents and extended family while Greg has a break from classes. It was a treat! Only 3 days left of break and it is back to the books for Greg.... He is actually out with the older boys for icecream right now. It is great for him to get a little alone time with the bigger boys. He has been taking advantage of this bit of free time he has. Yesterday it was a big game of kick ball with 16 neighbor kids:) It is never dull around here... And for that we are thankful.

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